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    Hanwei Square, Fengtai District, Beijing, China.

    The Wit3D Real 3D Modeling Cloud Service is a global public online real 3D modeling service driven primarily by enterprise. By combining technologies like computer 3D recreation and cloud computing, it can not only provide large region urban modeling services to professional users, but also fast and convenient 3D modeling and 3D printing services to ordinary users. The Wit3D Real 3D Modeling Cloud Service provides fast 3D data processing, 3D model editing, and mobile online 3D publishing and sharing. It combines our real 3D modeling technology with the accessibility of internet, creating a completely new real 3D production and application mode that anyone can use.
    Inclined 3D modeling can be performed online in real time with this service. Users can upload photos to the cloud server and replicate a 3D model in an instant. Additionally, users can perform real-time browsing, editing, and modifying; publish their products; print with a compatible 3D printer, and more.