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    Hanwei Square, Fengtai District, Beijing, China.

    • New Generation Aerial Triangulation Block Adjustment

      123124Smart image recognition and analysis adjusts the angle and position of camera.
      123124Fully automatic integrated aerial triangulation modeling process resolves imaging problems within the surveyed area.
      123124System skillfully addresses large-scale image primary aerial triangulation block adjustment (millions of image data).
      123124System uses creative stand-alone parallel aerial triangulation and distributed parallel aerial triangulation processing.

    • Large Scene Dense Point Cloud Matching

      123124Accurate 3D point cloud matching technology fuses large-scene depth information.
      123124Uses various types of gross error elimination technology, such as epipolar constraints, iterative selection, etc.
      123124Contains centimeter-level outdoor model point cloud reestablishment accuracy.

    • Fully Automatic Texture Mapping Technique

      123124Recreates the large scene scattered data of curved surfaces.
      123124High efficiency model is optimally simple.
      123124Utilizes multi-parameter weighted seamless veins texture mapping.

    • Detailed Establishment of Multiple 3D Modeling Layers

      123124Recursive subdivision of 3D modeling data
      123124Grid simplification
      123124Topographical crack elimination
      123124Quadtree strategy cuts files into multiple-level chunks, allowing for quick browsing and web publishing.