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    Hanwei Square, Fengtai District, Beijing, China.

  Five-Dimensional Information Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd. (5D Tech) is an innovative new technology enterprise established by a team of doctors from Tsinghua University, Peking University, The University of Information Engineering, and Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications, as well as core experts with years of computer visual sense and artificial intelligence research experience. 5D Tech has successfully launched a variety of core products and services including an inclined image real 3D modeling integrated machine, a real 3D modeling cloud service via integration of relevant technology of computer visual (CV), and artificial intelligence (AI). With our unique patented technology, 5D Tech is filling China’s market demand for close-range photography modeling services and large region inclined image real 3D modeling software.

  Our company relies on independently developed and globally advanced computer 3D recreation core technology to provide large-scale and city level inclined imaging, as well as close-shot modeling of small objects such as relics, portraits and sculptures. Our core product, the inclined image/close-range image real model integrated machine (incl. cluster version), significantly reduces calculation time and costs, resolving the fundamental industry struggle with costly and slow 3D modeling. The launched real 3D modeling cloud service can enhance work flow and functionality of 3D data processing, 3D model editing, and online 3D effect publishing, creating a revolutionary 3D production and application mode. Thanks to this service, people around the world can easily make and use real 3D models. Our 3D reestablishment technology has massive potential for technical application in multiple fields such as 3D navigation map production, rural revitalization, city planning, smart industry, rescue and relief, virtual reality, movie and TV special effects, city reconstruction, electric power design, conservation of historic buildings and relics, construction management, architectural information management, and beyond. 5D Tech products can help multiple industries reduce production costs, enhance decision making, and foster development.

  Since the 18th People’s Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping has highlighted initiatives to “develop wild China and its countryside” and “promote cultural self-confidence and Chinese civilization.” We at 5D Tech take this as a guiding ideology and remember our beginnings and missions. We pledge to apply advanced computation, visual 3D modeling, virtual reality, and other technologies to the national grand strategies of “culture and heritage protection” and “rural revitalization,” thereby providing relevant technical support to the construction of wild China.



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Unit 3, Level 6, Building 7, Area 4, Hanwei International Square, South four ring road west road No. 186, Fengtai District, Beijing.

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